Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer interior design and selection services?

   Absolutely, We have an integrated design and selection business model.  Our on staff design liaison is there to make the selection process simple and FUN. We guide you thru all aspects of home product selection; Color, texture, style, etc. even furniture placement, design and purchase.

   We also have wholesale sources to provide fabric for draperies, blinds as well as furniture and accessories. All avaliable at considerable discounts over typical retail sources.

"Meranda has exceeded our expectations! When we told everyone we are building our home--and everyone looked at us like we are crazy and frowned upon the idea. They say that building a home, trying to start a family, and a new job all at once is too much....we will be pulling our hair out and heading straight for a divorce!
Let's just say the building is still in progress and we couldn't be happier with our choice to go with Stoneledge Properties. Working with Meranda for design & selections has been smooth sailing! She listens to what we say and takes notes of our taste....and so far, it has been just fabulous work with her. No Stress & No Headaches!!!"
-Scott and Briana Wattenberg

Does Stoneledge Properties build homes beginning in the $200,000 range?

   Stoneledge Properties is a custom home builder that is perfectly structured to accommodate any price point! We competitively build quality homes beginning around the $250,000 price point(excluding lot) thru $1 million and above to include  Grand Estate Homes!

   Please call today to schedule your complimentary consultation or for additional information on your next "Fine Custom Home"! 864.286.6141

How long does the typical building process take?

     The average construction time for 3,000 sf to 5,000sf homes is 6 to 8 months depending upon the many variables that affect those schedules; site conditions, selections, & complexity of construction. While  6,000 to 10,000 SF homes typically take 10  to 16 months for completion. 

    Before we begin any project for our clients we will provide you with a specific timeframe so that you can plan your familys needs accordingly! We desire to accomodate your schedule; this is our guiding principle.

Hours of operation & office location

  Stoneledge Properties business hours are M-F 8 to 5. Please call ahead to schedule a consulation as we are typically in the filed building dream homes for our clients! We look forward to seeing you!

  Our physical address is 104 Windsorgate Way Simpsonville SC 29681 (located within the gates of Southampton)

What if we cannot find a plan and what is the typical plan cost?

  No worries at all! Stoneledge Properties has a wide array of well thought out custom designed plans to fit budgets from $250,000 to $2,000,000.

  We do understand that a custom home is just that, and it needs to be your custom home! This is why we have Architectural services available to modify the plan of your dreams or we can carefully guide you thru the custom plan design option. 

  The cost of plan modification or full plan design is often an initial concern for clients. However, Stoneledge Properties innovative approach keeps the modification expense of existing plans to a negligible amount. While Stoneledge Properties "custom designed plans" are very cost competitive with many of the online Architectural Houses "stock" plans.  In most cases these "stock" plans would need to be modified to fit your particular needs at significant additional cost from these online Architectural firms. These factors make our approach on designing a plan for you, the most cost competitive and easiest way to get the plan that is  just right for your family! Additionally, any of our inventory plans that are not modified are complimentary for clients that we build for!

  Once we have an opportunity to explore your needs and discuss our simple and fun design processes we are sure that you would be ready to build your next "Fine Custom Home"!


Do you charge for consultation services?

  Absolutely not! Our consultation and fact finding meetings are always complimentary. During our consultation meetings we will develop an understanding of your needs and budgetary requirements.

  Once we have an understanding of these items we can accurately guide you on the cost structure of your next "Fine Custom Home"

Do we have a Realtor protection program for Realtors with clients?

Absolutely we do.  Not only do we have a written protection program and pledge of cooperation, but we offer additional incentives for the Realtor community! Please contact us for specific details and a copy of our "Realtor Rewards Program". You may reach us Via email at  or 864-286-6141 office