Meet Our Team

Stoneledge Properties

Chris Bailey

As Founder, Chris’s number one priority is working daily to improve and structure the business so that we always incorporate quality and timeless design into every home we build! Stoneledge Properties’ legacy in the upstate shall be one of impeccable quality and service provided to our clients. Chris’s professional career began in the custom home building industry in 1989, those years of experience provide the ability for Stoneledge Properties to provide clear, concise advice and direction on a wide range of products and construction methods which allow us to build the most detailed and intricate projects. All while making the selection process simple and enjoyable for our clients. As a 2nd generation son of the construction industry, Chris is dedicated to the elevation of building science.

Meranda Bailey

As Head of Design, Meranda brings a keen eye for aesthetics and proper design technique. She patiently guides our clients through the selection process and tailors our process to fit each client’s needs and time resources. You can count on our team to help you select the perfect details and finishes, our goal is to keep the experience simple and enjoyable! Our sister company MB Interiors and Design LLC is at your disposal!

John Staarmann

John’s professional career began in 1987. He successfully operated a framing contracting business for the custom home building industry and has now brought his talents to Stoneledge Properties. John serves as one of our Field Operations Managers and supervises daily productivity in the field. Working side by side with Chris and other members of the Stoneledge team ensuring that our homes excel in quality while delivering results on time and within budget. John’s expertise is admired and respected inside the Greenville area custom home building circles and we consider John to be an essential component of the Stoneledge Properties team.

Sonya Cosby

Sonya has a strong passion and desire for creative design. With more than ten years of experience in the design field, she prides herself on attention to detail and her commitment to cultivate valued relationships with clients. With an eye for quality, a creative vision for design and a client centered approach, she is a great addition to the team!

Wanda Johnson

Attention to detail and organization has always been an essential part of a day’s work for Wanda. She brings 20+ years of managerial and administrative experience in the construction industry. Wanda is responsible for all inter-office procedures as well as bookkeeping. Working hand in hand with Chris she uses her organizational skills to ensure smooth operations in a busy work environment.

Wanda says that “Stoneledge Properties is such a unique company…our team is very organized, all team members share a common vision of excellence as well as a desire to always improve!”

Zack Earley

As a valued member of the Stoneledge Properties team, Zack brings years of experience both hands-on and academically. Zack earned his Masters of Construction Management from Clemson University. During his early college years he served as a framer apprentice with a local custom home builder. Upon graduation, Zack gained experience in both the engineering and custom home building fields. While serving as a project manager for two other local custom builders, he discovered that his passion was in the luxury home building field. Zack has searched for a place to call home and when his path crossed with the team at Stoneledge Properties he knew that he had found an organization which filled his need for superior craftsmanship, ethics and dedication. Zack’s responsibilities as one of our field operations managers are to coordinate closely with Chris and other members of the Stoneledge team to craft the highest quality homes possible, one satisfied client at a time!

Bob Laudisio

Bob Laudisio joins the Stoneledge team as one of our Field Operations Managers. Bob’s responsibilities are to work side by side with Chris and other members of the Stoneledge team to collectively build only the highest quality Luxury Homes possible! Bob has a very extensive background in the construction industry and will contribute years of experience to each project. He was a U.S. Army reservist with the Army Corp. of Engineers with many years of experience in Hawaii working on multiple large scale commercial projects. 4 years of hands on experience working as a trim carpenter, framer and concrete finisher and 20+ years of experience working in the construction management field, Bob is a valued member of the Stoneledge Properties team!

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